Alright folks, this isn’t the blog entry about anime like I just said I’d have… But it’s something even better! You know how I’ve been saying we’ve got some stuff coming down the line that I’m not able to talk about yet? Well, believe it or not, I wasn’t making it up! And I guess we can talk about a side project we’ve been working on for some time now. Ladies and Gentlefish… Please Don’t Wake Dagon!

Please Don’t Wake Dagon is a fast-paced card game set in the Innsmouth Day Care where you and your preschool playgroup aim to misbehave and commit as many Hijinks as possible and gather the most Goodies without being sent into Time Out. But you have to keep the noise down and avoid disturbing the sleeping monster in the yard next door. Because once Dagon wakes up…the fun is over for everyone. (Because you know… Deep One are party poopers.)

Try to resist the World’s Most Adorable Zombie Attack or succeed at Raiding the Cubbies! Be the first to have the Non-Euclidean Teddy Bear or to wield the power of the Necronomicon Pop-up Book against Hamstur the Unsqueakable with the Shadowbabies and a few friends, who’s tagged along for the fun.

Please Don’t Wake Dagon
is a stand-alone, but expandable, card game designed by Jonathan Schwarz and published by Th3rd World Studios for 2 to 4 players. This starter set is priced at $24.99 and comes packaged with 126 full-color cards, a double–sided Dagon card and a rulebook. And you can order it now. No, not pre-order… ORDER! You can buy it HERE now!

Seriously folks, this thing is awesome! :)