It’s been nearly two years since the official end of the Shadowgirls webcomic. Two years and there are still questions at conventions about when the series might return, concerned emails whenever the website is acting up and new readers finding the series in graphic novel form. It’s very gratifying to have helped create something that not only resonated with readers but also stayed with them when the series ended. Charon and Becka are missed and are apparently quite unwilling to surrender their existence. Like Dagon, they have been only resting, waiting for their chance to resurface and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

And if what we have planned works out, that opportunity is not so far away at all.

I can’t go into specifics just yet, but to quell any chance at disappointment I will make it clear that the webcomic is NOT returning. That part of the Shadowgirls’ life is over for now. But there are other worlds to explore where the girls should feel right at home. Hopefully you’ll get to hear about what that means very soon.

Because it wouldn’t be Shadowgirls without a cliffhanger ending.