You’ve all been around enough to know how this works. I have about 10 slots. When the slots are filled, I’ll stop taking the commissions for a bit, so I can catch up on work. Then start over again. I’ll notify you all when it fills up.

These prices are for full color, and not B&W lineart. If you want B&W lineart only, I can arrange it and it’ll cost less too. But for the most part, people’s usually asked for color, so I’m just giving the color costs. These prices are not set in stone either. They’re a rough estimate. But for the most part, these are the usual prices, with some descriptive details. Paypal only. Sorry, but it’s just easier on me for now.

One character, with no or minimal background: $25
Two commissions of the above: $40
Two characters, with no or minimal background: $35
Two commissions of the above: $50
Single character with a detailed background, determined on content: $40-$50
Two or more characters with a detailed background, determined by content: Above $60.
Anything more or different than what’s above: Talk to me. We’ll negotiate the price.

I do request the right to post these. I mean, if I’m going to put the work into it, I want to be able to show it off. Now, I understand some people wish to remain anonymous, so if that’s what you wish, I shall make arrangements with you to do so. And if the content you’re buying is time sensitive, like you don’t want it shown before a certain date, like if you’re getting a cover done and you want to show it first, I can work with you on that too. I’m pretty flexible on this. I just would like to eventually be able to show my work. I mean, this serves the multiple purposes. Not just providing art for you and funding for me, but also to get my work and name out there more for exposure.

As far as content goes… Nothing illegal. I hope that doesn’t need further explanation. I’m not a prude. (Very far from it!) But general rule of the thumb, if it’s against the rules to show here, then I won’t draw it. I retain the right to turn down a commission. It might be something as simple as it doesn’t appeal to me or I don’t think I could do a good job on it. Like for example, furry art. I’m not bashing it, but it’s just not my thing.

More or less, you get the general idea of what I mean. If you don’t understand, please ask. I’m aware I might not be the most clear here. If you’re wanting a high resolution of it to be printed out or something, let me know and we’ll make arrangements. I am doing these on the side of larger projects. So the time you would receive them will vary. You might get it in a day, or it might be a week or two. But I will get to them. So please be patient waiting for a commission.