Charon McKay

At the age of fifteen, Charon disappeared from the small coastal town of Innsmouth. When she turns up, she is incoherent and raving; and slightly more surprising…pregnant. No one knows who the father is and even Charon is unable to remember what happened to her. Despite the difficulties she’s faced, Charon is completely devoted to her daughter and does her best to shield Becka from her questionable lifestyle. But Charon is unable to shield Becka from the abilities they are manifesting and the creatures that are hunting them.

Rebecca McKay

Rebecca’s life has been mostly normal as such things are measured. She is aware of the events of her birth and the effect that it has had on their lives in Innsmouth. Rebecca is a good student and loving person that honestly wants to believe the best in people. But her soul is put to the test when she begins to develop dark powers in the face of an ancient and terrifying evil. Even though her new abilities are powerful, it his her will and heart of gold that carries her through dangers that would break men twice her size.

Christmas Snow

Christmas Banks-Snow is a child of privilege who has gotten almost everything she’s wanted her entire life. The only person who has ever stood in the way of her wants and demands was Charon McKay and as far as Chrissy is concerned she won her husband from her thirteen years ago. But the victory rings hollow and over the years the bitterness she has nurtured has infected her only daughter. Chrissy has everything that should make her happy in life…but it’s never been enough.

Lindsey Jun Yeoh

Lindsey discovered early that there are people in this world who will seize any opportunity to isolate someone for their differences. Rebecca McKay comforted Lindsey that day on the playground, and from that day on they were inseparable. But years of being ostracized at school had taken their toll on her, and when Misty Snow offered her a choice between popularity and her friend…she chose popularity. She even convinced herself she also was doing it for Becka. But when she discovered what Misty and her friends had actually planned, she was horrified at the girls and disgusted with herself. Lindsey immediately made her way out to the cornfield to rescue her best friend. She succeeded in helping Becka, but she is tortured by the guilt of her choice.